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Special Needs

 We believe every child deserves to shine in an educational setting within a nurturing and supportive space directed toward education.

At Sharp Minds Academy, we provide a social atmosphere called "Dream Makerspace" which is a fun filled innovative environment. We understand and embrace the reality that every child is unique. Our specifically trained staff will identify every child's limitless potential and talent, to integrate them successfully into our space and give them their own path to excellence. We prepare them for a world that thrives on challenges

Our Special Needs program provides a platform built to:

Shape & Sharpen Young Minds
Focus on Life and Social Skills
Fuel Their Joy for Discovery
Spark Their Powers of Innovation
Build Their Self Esteem


Admission Criteria:

The child must be able to complete hands-on activities by gathering and utilizing tools, kits and materials given to them by the Special Ed Coordinator.

The child must be of above-average intelligence in order to grasp certain concepts to compile and complete “Do It Yourself” hands-on activities in a structured classroom atmosphere.

Our Program Serves:

Sharp Minds Academy is equipped to assist children with special learning differences such as:

  •  Moderate to High Spectrum Autism Disorders
  •  Communication Delays
  •  Social Interaction Issues
  •  Dyslexia & Dysgraphia
  •  Speech and/ or Language Delays

Sharp Minds Academy is NOT equipped to assist children with the following needs:

  •  Limited Intellectual Functioning
  •  History of Violence or Aggression
  •  Emotional Disturbance or Mood Disorders
  •  Severe Autism
  •  Severe Behavioral Issues

Weekend Educational Programs

At Sharp Minds Academy, not only do we care for your child’s educational growth but we also focus on coaching and mentoring them on various awareness topics they may face in today’s society, such as: