Sharp Minds Academy: About Us – A Inclusive Child Educational Center

About Us

Sharp Minds Academy is an inclusive educational center in Missouri City located in the Riverstone and Sienna Communities. Providing quality preschool and kindergarten education to every student who walks into our doors is our number one priority. Our focus is on inclusive and all-round development for all kids, regardless of their talents, competencies or age.

Our Core Programs include Preschool, the Learning Differences Program, and Year-round Tutoring. We also provide Tutoring and Homework Assistance for Grades K to 8.

Our facility is professionally cleaned and well-maintained, offering a safe and welcoming environment. We are open year-round and welcome parents and families to tour our facility. So drop by, say hi and experience the warmth and inclusivity of Sharp Minds!

Meet the Team

Ciji and Somy Thomas, the duo behind Sharp Minds Academy dreamed of making a difference in Early Childhood Education and Development and creating a safe and innovative space for children with learning differences.
Mom of three, Somy, has always been a proponent of assisting children with learning differences. Her love for special needs children comes from personal experiences and drives her to make a difference.
Ciji’s biggest inspiration are her kids and the reason behind her drive to innovate learning methods to be fun and exciting.
After years in the corporate life, the pair decided their true calling was paving the way for new techniques in Early Childhood Education, and to give back to the community by improving the ways we teach our kids.
And that’s how Sharp Minds Academy was born. This structured mainstream/special needs private preschool and enrichment center is a needed resource for both neurotypical children and those with special learning differences to feel comfortable and at ease.
For Ciji and Somy, SMA is the first step towards a long journey in changing mindsets and educational goals.

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This branded curriculum focuses on the student's intellectual growth in the areas of Math, Reading, and General Knowledge concepts. All concepts are taught and then implemented along with an activity for the student to grasp.
This branded curriculum focuses on the student's ability to implement hands-on activities which incorporate concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. All hands-on activities enhance exploration, curiosity and innovation.
This program is the very first of its kind, in that it enhances special needs children in a social environment. The tools are provided to the children to create daily activities. Our Special Education Coordinator is there to make sure the child is focused, entertained, and creative. We create an atmosphere where children with learning disabilities will have a blast!
A minimum age of 3 years .
We have three different program options:
  • Pre-K to 1st Grade – Ages 3 & up

  • After School/ Tutoring / Group Sessions - Ages 3 & up

  • Special Needs – Ages 3 to 8
We fully understand that “toilet training” is a process. Children participating in our preschool program MUST be potty-trained. We will work with children who are currently in the transition process. We encourage to send your child to school in pull-ups as we work together on toilet training. Please send extra clothes to preschool with your child should an accident occur.
  • Pre-K to 1st Grade Hours: 7:30am to 6:30pm

  • Afterschool Hours: 3:30pm to 6:30pm

A once-daily snack/drink is provided. There are no meals that are provided at this time.
Yes! In fact, parents are asked to send a small snack and juice or water with their child daily. Snacks must be labeled with your child’s name and date as required by licensing policies. Due to the prevalence and severity of food allergies, as a precaution, we ask that parents do not send in snacks or treats containing peanut butter or any type of nut or nut products. We recommend that snacks be nutritious and non-perishable. Suggestions for healthy snacks and lunches from USDA guidelines include: fruits, small sandwiches, vegetables, muffins, and cereal. 100% fruit juice or water is the recommended drink.
Our closing time for preschool is 2:30pm , however, we do offer extended before and after care from 7:30am to 8:30am and 2:30pm to 6:30pm. If your child is not picked up after 6:30pm, then a $20 fee and $1 per minute would be charged.
Yes, we are Licensed with the state as an Educational Skills Program.
Our Academy will contact the parent and ask them to arrange transportation to pick up the child. Please do not send the child next day to the school if he/she is sick.
Our preschool academic hours are from 8:30am to 2:30pm , however, we do offer extended before and after care from 7:30am to 6:30pm.
New Year's Eve and New Year's Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Please come in during business operational hours and we would love to meet and show you around the school.
All staff members are trained in CPR and First aid.
We have weekly payments options. We prefer parents to pay through the ACH system which provides convenience and an extra layer of security.
Please come into the Academy and our Administrator can assist you with the tour and enrollment process.
Yes, we do service pickup but at an extra cost. Please contact the School for more details.