Embracing and Celebrating Differences

Learning Differences

At Sharp Minds Academy, we provide kids with a fun-filled and innovative environment called “Dreammaker’s Space”. We understand and embrace the reality that every child is unique but born with limitless potential and talent.

Our Learning Differences platform is a bridge program for preschool-aged children to successfully transition them into an elementary school setting, and is designed for children with specific needs such as Autism, ADHD, Limited Speech, or any Development Delays, who have aged out of Early Childhood.

Our certified teachers develop individualized education plans to target each student’s area of difficulty within a group setting, create individualized plans for students and work with your little ones, showing them their own paths to excellence.

Our program provides a platform built to

Shape and Sharpen Young Minds
Build Their Self Esteem
Fuel Their Joy for Discovery
Focus on Social and Emotional Development
Spark Their Powers of Innovation
Sharp Minds Academy is equipped to assist children with special learning differences such as:

  • Moderate to High Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Communication Delays


  • Social Interaction Issues

  • Dyslexia & Dysgraphia

  • Limited Speech and/or Language Development Delays

Sharp Minds Academy is NOT equipped to assist children with the following needs:

  • Limited Intellectual Functioning

  • History of Violence or Aggression

  • Emotional Disturbance or Mood Disorders

  • Severe Autism

  • Severe Behavioral Issues

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